About Us - our history, our wines and our great deals.

We love winemakers, we love the wine they are making, we love the communities that the vineyards are based in and support, we love drinking wine!

Up until the launch of this site - we only sold directly to the staff of the winemakers we work with, their friends and family. We're excited now that we have the opportunity to give the you that personal connection and experience with wines,

and the great deals we were able to offer them.


CellarOne was formed around that cellar door experience; where the producer's passion helps to guide you to your next discovery.

That sense of adventure when you travel and come across your new favourite drop; the kind you can either relax at home with or happily serve to friends - is what we are all about.

We have a big range of winemaker friends with absolutely amazing wines, and bringing them together with people who appreciate them makes us happy.

We want you to have that same feeling of walking back to the car from the cellar door with a case (or more) of great wines to be replicated on our site, so we've put a lot of effort into things like:

offering mixed cases, mystery cases, and amazing wines available nowhere else.


It's that special relationship with the winemakers and our shared passion to get those great wines to you that lets us offer wines at such great value.

We love building those relationships with our customers - so our member prices start at great and just get better the longer you are with us.

A rare and exciting find does not have to cost the earth - but we do have some secret absolute gems we can share if you are interested.


Enjoying wines from cellar one at the cellar dooe